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Why alcohol in skincare products is a big no-no

Skin cleansers are essential in any good skincare regimen for removing surface debris like dirt or makeup and also helping to get rid of excess oil that can clog your pores. Unfortunately, some facial cleansers contain alcohol. This ingredient is very irritating and excessively drying for your skin, warns skincare expert Paula Begoun, and should […]


Thalgo M-Ceutic Normaliser Cream-Serum

Serums are an incredible product to incorporate as part of your skincare routine. There are a number of serums about, all have their little nuanced differences, but essentially they are there to help the moisturising process. They are usually applied under moisturisers in the morning and evening, after cleansing and toning. These serums are moisturising, […]

calcium-citrate-for-constipation-from-abloomnova.net_-800x533 Calcium citrate for constipation
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Calcium citrate for constipation

If you have been taking calcium supplements, you may be in the small percentage that suffers unpleasant side effects. Sometimes, calcium supplements – or more precisely, calcium carbonate – can lead to bloating, gaseousness and constipation. Vitamin D can also cause constipation and cramps. And it may be tempting to remove supplements from your life […]

In-terms-of-taking-calcium-supplements-calcium-citrate-is-recommended-if-you’re-at-all-sensitive-to-other-types.-But-are-there-any-side-effects-of-calcium-citrate-abloomnova.net_-800x533 Are there any side effects of calcium citrate?
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Are there any side effects of calcium citrate?

In terms of taking calcium supplements, calcium citrate is recommended if you’re at all sensitive to other types. But are there any side effects of calcium citrate? Yes, like with any type of medication, there are side effects, and it’s always worth noting them down if you decide to start taking them. Thanks to drugs.com […]

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Learn some calcium facts today!

If you’re taking calcium supplements, it’s a good idea to know exactly what you are putting in your body. Here’s some calcium facts to chew over – thanks to the SaveOurBones.com website. The name “calcium” is derived from Latin. Calx or calcis is Latin for “lime.” This makes sense since calcium is extracted from limestone, […]

Which-calcium-supplement-is-best-for-osteoporosis-800x533 Which calcium supplement is best for osteoporosis?
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Which calcium supplement is best for osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis – also known as the silent epidemic because it develops slowly and without initial symptoms – is a painful and crippling disease. It causes bones to weaken by dilapidated calcium stores and become brittle. It mainly affects women as they get older, but does affect some men too. It is estimated that two million […]

calcium-stearate-from-abloomnova.net_-800x533 Is calcium stearate vegan-friendly?
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Is calcium stearate vegan-friendly?

The whole debate surrounding the ethicacy of calcium stearate has been raging for a few years now. Calcium stearate is an anticaking agent which used in a wide variety of foods including salt, spices, confections, snack products and dry mixes. On some websites calcium stearate is described as being animal derived, mainly from cows and […]

benefits-of-calcium-magnesium-citrate-abloomnova.net_-800x534 What are the benefits of calcium magnesium citrate?
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What are the benefits of calcium magnesium citrate?

You may see calcium magnesium citrate being called Cal-Mag Citrate. This is normally taken if your diet is lacking in the usual vitamins and minerals. Calcium works really well with magnesium – magnesium helps the former absorb successfully into the body. If your diet is varied, you can normally get magnesium and calcium from your […]

Calcium-phosphorus-abloomnova.net_-800x533 Calcium, phosphorus and regulation in the body
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Calcium, phosphorus and regulation in the body

Calcium, phosphorus and other essential minerals are found in the bones and blood – both have vital roles to play in many functions in the body. The two elements can play against each other – phosphorus affects calcium levels, and calcium can affect phosphorus levels. Like calcium, phosphorus is regulated by the parathyroid hormone, vitamin […]