Cellulite tips: How to beat the orange peel look

Thalgo-Defi-Cellulite-Intensive-Correcting-Cream-–-Creme-Correction-Intense-abloomnova.net_ Cellulite tips: How to beat the orange peel look

Let’s be honest, the women who DON’T have cellulite are in the minority. There are swimwear models who have orange peel on their upper thighs, so it can happen to any woman no matter what age or size they are.

But is there anyway of reducing their look? Here’s some tips from Cellublue:

1. Massages

To get rid of cellulite, the best technique is the palpate roll massage. Massaging your thighs, buttocks and hips with body oil 5 to 10 minutes a day will help stimulate your blood and lymphatic circulation, break up fat deposits and fight water retention. The palpate-roll massage consists in rolling your skin between your fingers to activate lipolysis, which helps get rid of fat cells while stimulating microcirculation.

2. Avoid Stress

Stress stimulates the creation of insulin which causes fat and sugar retention in your cells, which causes cellulite. So a clear mind can prevent cellulite.

3. Cold Showers

This technique is recommended for those who have the heavy legs sensation. Running cold water on your hips, buttocks and legs will stimulate fluid circulation and reduce oedemas.

4. Drink Water

The best way to drain your body and help eliminate cellulite is to drink water. Not drinking enough water can cause sugar retention. It is important to drink water and not sodas or other sugary drinks, which favour fat deposits. Try drinking at least 1.5L of water a day.

5. Water Sports

Water sports are your best ally for a glowing skin and toned legs. Include a water sport such as swimming or aqua-biking in your weekly routine for better results.

6. Stay Active

There are a lot of little things you can do to keep active even if you spend your days in an office. For instance, tighten your buttocks when ever you think about it. This can be when you are making photocopies or when you are queuing up for lunch.

Take the stairs when you can instead of the elevator, take your bike instead of your car or get off the bus a couple of stops before yours. These little habits don’t seem much but they will help you fight cellulite.

7. Ban Sugar

Sugar and starch retention in your body stimulates the production of cellulite. To improve your diet and help your body eliminate cellulite it is best to avoid biscuits, sweets, industrial fruit juices, milk and white chocolate and other sugary food. Sugar stimulates the production of insulin which stimulates the production of cellulite.

8. Cardio Workouts

All sports are good to fight cellulite and help your body burn fat. Running is the best sport for burning fat, and getting rid of cellulite. If you don’t like running you can try brisk walking.

9. Green Tea

Green tea is a plant that contains a lot of antioxidants which help eliminate cellulite. Drink 2 or 3 cups of tea a day to help get rid of toxins.

10. Comfortable Clothes

Wearing tight clothes is uncomfortable and compresses body tissues. This compression stops the good circulation of fluids in your body which favours the accumulation of fat deposits. To avoid this, wear comfortable clothes that will allow your body to function properly.

11. Use a anti-cellulite product

One of our best selling products for cellulite treatments is Thalgo Defi Cellulite Intensive Correcting Cream – Creme Correction Intense. This is for women with compacted cellulite – cellulite which is visible when standing without pinching the skin.

This cream fundamentally corrects the structural alteration of compacted cellulite.
The Oxy Active technology, saturated with encapsulated oxygen and rich in Santalum, helps disperse pronounced cellulite and reinforce the skin’s resistance to unsightly dimples, for visibly smoother-looking skin.

Active ingredients:

  • Sandalwood Seed
  • Encapsulated Oxygen
  • Oxy Active Technology

Significant reduction in the size and number of “dimples”.
Anti-orange peel effect: up to -66%
Improvement in appearance of skin’s surface: 95%
Slimming and refining effectiveness: 76%
Smoother and moretoned skin: 75%


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