The not-so complicated world of combination skin care

professional-facial-products-abloomnova.net_-1600x852 The not-so complicated world of combination skin care

Oily skin has one way of being taken care of. Dry skin has another. So what on earth do you do when you have combination skin? Combination skin care still manages to confound many people – with this weird mix, which affects many people, do you really have to invest in two lots of products?

Combination skin generally seems to take the form of an oily t-zone, across the forehead and down the nose and chin, and the rest of the face tends to be either normal or prone to dryness. However, some people suffer from combination skin in other areas. Generally, it is a mixture of oily and dry patches across the complexion.

According to 101SkinCare, there are certain rules to follow:

Do’s And Don’ts Of Combination Skin:


1.Choose cleansers for combination skin.

2.Use oil-free moisturizers.

3.Apply acne products on the entire acne-prone T-zone, avoiding the eyes and mouth area.

4.Use a sunscreen with SPF 26 or more.

5.Cleanse your skin after a workout.


1. Use two kinds of cleansers and moisturizers on different parts of your face.

2. Use balancing lotions.

3. Apply a moisturizer or make-up before working out.

4. Forget to wear sunscreen.

General Guidelines For Combination Skin Skin Care: 

  1. Avoid bar soaps and bar cleansers as they tend to dry up the skin. Use gel based cleansers or mildly foaming cleansers which are gentle and mild.
  2. Avoid using different toners for different areas of your skin. If you opt for a toner apply it all over your face if is non-greasy. Thus water and glycerin based toners are best for combination skins but make sure that they have lots of anti-oxidants in them.
  3. Use sunscreen everyday. Sunscreen lotions with SPF 26 and in a non-oily base is ideal for combination skins.
  4. Exfoliation of combination skin is a must. Use a beta hydroxy acid (BHA / salicylic acid) product which only exfoliates the surface of skin it also exfoliates inside the pore to improve its shape and function.
  5. Treat all dry patches of your skin with a moisturizer loaded with anti-oxidants and water-binding agents.
  6. Apply an oil-absorbing facial mask as required but only apply it over oily areas. Apply after cleansing, leave on for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly.
  7. At night actuate your routine moisturizer to the eye area and follow with a thin layer of olive, evening primrose, or borage oil.
  8. Cleaning and caring for the skin prevents cracking, inflammation, and infection as well as wrinkling, dry spots and age spots.

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