Calling all Curly Girls! Buy Davines Essential Haircare OI Oil!

hair-oil-abloomnova.net_ Calling all Curly Girls! Buy Davines Essential Haircare OI Oil!

For anyone with straight hair, curly hair looks like the perfect hair type, voluminous, full of life and falling naturally into beautiful curls. However, the reality is a lot different. For many curly girls, their hair is one long unending high maintenance session. Tangles, frizz and dryness are common complaints, and a cabinet full of hair products is not uncommon.

According to Wellness Mama, it’s all about the lack of moisture in the hair. Your scalp produces natural oil, sebum, to keep your hair soft and to protect it. Straight hair wicks the sebum down the shaft easily, so that the whole length of the shaft is moisturized. Brushing aids this process by distributing the oils thoroughly (thanks, Scarlett O’Hara, with your hundred-brush-strokes-a-day routine). Curly hair, on the other hand, is shaped irregularly and the oil has a hard time wicking throughout the length of hair because of the bumps and ridges. It’s also impossible (and often painful) to brush when dry, so brushing can’t help, either. In fact brushing curly hair often damages it. Your poor curly, dry hair is exposed to the environment without anything to buffer it from the wind or the sun, and so gets damaged easily. Further, the unused sebum ends up sitting on the scalp collecting dust… Literally.

A hair oil can change the look of curls instantly. Davines Essential Haircare OI Oil – Absolute Beautifying Potion 50ml is a product all curly haired ladies should invest in.

OI Oil is designed to control frizz and add shine to all hair types particularly for dry or coarse hair. It can help provide:

  • Extraordinary shine and softness to the hair.
  • Strong detangling and restructuring action.
  • Anti-frizz effect.
  • Strong anti-oxidant and anti-free radicals action.

For an anti-frizz effect apply 2-3 squeezes of OI/ Oil on damp hair, distributing it evenly on the lengths and ends. Dry hair and style as usual. For a shiny and soft finishing apply approximately 2-3 squeezes of OI/ Oil to lengths and ends of dry hair. Style as usual.

Use only 1 pump for fine hair, for medium or thick hair, start with 2-3 pumps and add more product if needed.

Natural active ingredients:

  • Breathable silicons – to create a protective film on all hair type.
  • Roucou oil – prevent hair aging, strong anti-oxidant action.

According to one of our customers, this product is a must-have: “A wonderful product, that adds a little straightening effect to the hair, not to mention the shine and non-oily look. AND it shortens the drying time. The best hair oil I’ve ever used.”

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