How to get BIG hair

La-Biosthetique-Curl-Saver-–-Redefinition-for-Curly-Hair-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 How to get BIG hair

Some of us are blessed with big hair, and some of us pine for big hair to be thrust upon us.

We attempt to channel Cindy Crawford every day, but end up more Cyndi Lauper in a constant tussle of hairspray and tweaking.

So how do you get fabulously big hair? Thanks to BeautyEditor for the know how.

  1. Change Your Parting

Chances are, you have a favourite place to part your hair. It’s where your hair likes to fall naturally (somewhere in the middle or off-centre), or on the side closest to it. Problem is, that’s also where your hair lies the most flat, and you’re training it to stay that way.

Flipping your part to the opposite side creates instant volume at the crown; if you’re worried about looking lopsided, then do it while your hair is still wet. To build the most height, try a deep side part on the opposite side in dry hair, misting lightly with hairspray to hold. This is the model-esque swoosh which is a little bit ’80s and VERY sexy.

  1. Back-Brush It

Back-brush the roots of the under-layers of your hair for soft volume.

Teasing has a bad rep. It doesn’t have to mean aggressively back-combing your hair with a fine-toothed comb to create massive tangles (which are a nightmare to get out in the shower). You can actually create soft volume by back-brushing the roots, using a large paddle brush instead.

One technique is to pin up the uppermost layer of the hair, and then back-brush the rest, working section by section. Holding each section taut and away from the head, brush in a downward motion at the roots in three quick strokes. To make the volume last, spray each back-brushed area with hairspray. Once you’ve completed all the sections, let down the rest of the hair, leaving it smooth.

  1. Blow-Dry Upside Down

Blow-dry your hair upside down for instant, easy volume.

Haven’t perfected your blow-dry technique? No worries—the best shortcut to a voluminous blowout is just flipping your head upside down. I know it sounds too easy, but it’s exactly how my hairstylist dries my hair every time I get a haircut. (Then he finishes off my ends with a flat iron, for a „straight with volume“ look.)

The reason this works is because upside down, your roots are automatically lifting off your scalp, which is how you want them to dry. I like to use this method to get my hair about 90 percent dry, and then I might do my final smoothing with a round brush. Note: If you have bangs, always dry them right side up first!

  1. Boost Your Roots

Use a root booster on damp hair before you blow-dry.

Root-boosting products are your friends. Think of them as the scaffolding to your hairstyle. They provide structure and support for any lift you manually create near the roots, helping your style last all day (or even several days).

  1. Use a Volume-Building Shampoo

A volume-building shampoo won’t weigh your style down.

It’s a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at the difference a good shampoo makes to your volume goals. My rule of thumb is to use products that are clear or at least translucent, since they’re the least likely to be loaded with heavy conditioning ingredients. Nothing white and creamy for my hair, please! And yes, it IS possible to find volume-building shampoo that doesn’t strip your hair and is colour-safe. Try Davines Naturaltech Replumping Hair Filler Superactive which is an amazing hair filler treatment.

This professional treatment, for salon use only, replumps and compacts hair structure. It gives hair longer lasting hold. Hair looks compact, replumped and very shiny. Treatment lasts 6 to 8 shampoos.

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