How to plump up thin and fine hair

Davines-Naturaltech-Replumping-Conditioner-abloomnova.net_-1600x1138 How to plump up thin and fine hair

Thin haired ladies look longingly at the glossy locks of Gigi Hadid and Blake Lively and wonder if there’s anyway of replicating the look. If you’re looking to replump fine hair, volume and texture is key to helping achieve shape and style. Unfortunately, we’re not all blessed with celebrity genes but even if you’re battling flat, lifeless hair, don’t fret — there are plenty of tips and tricks from StyleCaster that’ll help fine hair look (or even grow!) thicker and fuller.

Get A Layered Cut

The most important foundation on which to style fine hair is a good haircut. If hair is cut all to one length, that will produce too much flatness which makes it difficult to style.Cit in layers that are tapered, graduated or at an angle, to give lightness to the hair and make it look fuller.

Shampoo Daily

You may have heard advice against shampooing daily, but with fine hair, it’s important to wash it often to keep hair from being matted or weighed down by oil and dirt, and don’t be afraid to use conditioner, or a treatment. Many products now contain ingredients such as fibers or wheat germ that coat the strands, or a thickening agent like Davines Naturaltech Replumping Conditioner that helps plump the hair.

Style With Dry Shampoo and Powders

Fine hair already tends to be oily, so stay away from styling products that are too rich or anything oil-based as they can leave fine hair a greasy mess. Avoid gels, waxes or pomades, and instead reach for a dry shampoo or volumizing powder, which absorbs oil and adds texture to create shape and volume without matting or weighing down hair.

Flip Over Your Blowout

To create natural volume, apply the styling product at the roots and blow-dry with head turned upside down. Then, wind a round brush at the roots to create lift and let it uncoil naturally to create soft, medium volume.

Get Regular Trims

Finer haired gals can really benefit from more frequent trims, says Santiago. Six to eight weeks after a cut is when hair starts to get flat, so refreshing layers regularly helps to retain the shape.

Sleep On It

Another way to create texture and add body to fine hair is to sleep with hair braided or rolled into a high bun. For longer hair, separate hair into chunks and rolling hair from the bottom up around fabric strips to create Bohemian curls that will last all day.

Treat Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is different from fine hair. Fine hair refers to each individual strand of hair being thin, versus thinning hair which is caused by hair loss that creates bigger spaces between strands. Take biotin or marine concentrate supplements, which effectively stimulate hair growth or trying extensions, which provide immediate fullness.




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