How to protect hair from the sun

Davines-Naturaltech-Well-Being-De-Stress-Lotion-abloomnova.net_-1600x1281 How to protect hair from the sun

We’re pretty vigilant about protecting our skin in the sunshine, but what about are hair. Seawater, sunshine, long days and long nights – it all takes its toll on the hair. Here’s a few tips – thanks to Marie Claire – about how to protect your locks in the summer.

Lock in moisture

Sun exposure, salt water, and sweat can pull moisture from your strands, leaving them dry and prone to breakage. To avoid this, “start with wearing a nice wide brimmed hat to keep the sun off of your hair,” says Rosenkranz. This will help keep the sun’s rays off your hair, thus protecting your hair from dryness and preserving the color (with the added bonus of protecting your skin!).

Create a shield

„In the summer we’re more frequently exposing our hair to the chemicals in pools, salt water, and spending more time in the heat, all of which will strip your hair of its beautiful color,“ says Rosenkranz. Before going for a swim in the pool or ocean, he recommends wetting your hair completely and thoroughly applying a leave-in conditioner. “Your hair will absorb the conditioner instead of the chlorine or salt water,” he says.

Fight frizz

The key to combating frizzy hair is locking out the humidity. “Humidity is like Miracle Gro for flyaways,” says Rosenkranz, “so anyone who is prone to frizzy hair will be suffering extra during the humidity brought on by summer showers.”

Hide grease

A sweatier body leads to greasier hair. „When it’s hot, your scalp sweats, transferring the naturally occurring sebum throughout the hair more, which can cause the hair to look greasy,“ says Rosenkranz. „Not a good look!“

Air dry the right way

Give your heat-styling routine the cold shoulder. “The intense heat from constant blow drying dries out your hair and sets it up for major breakage,” says Siobhan Quinlan, a hairstylist at Art + Autonomy Salon in New York City.

Have straight or wavy hair? „After showering, blot hair with a towel, then finger-comb to keep your texture intact,” says Vanessa Ungaro, a hairstylist and cofounder of Lauren+Vanessa salon in New York City. “Scrunch up strands pre-product to avoid losing natural texture, then apply a styling cream for soft, not crunchy, waves.”

One of our favourite hair sun protector products is Davines Naturaltech Well-Being De Stress Lotion. This is a protective hair and body lotion for all hair types. Its velvety texture ensures fast easy absorption. The formula is enriched with UV filter that protects hair from damage caused by sun exposure. Hair looks soft and silky, and the skin nourished.

Just shake well before spraying on the hair or body. Apply when needed.

Natural active ingredients: Echinacea phytoceuticals – strongly rich in vitamin C for a strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflamatory action.

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