How to repair damaged hair

Davines-Naturaltech-Nourishing-Living-Enzyme-Infusion-abloomnova.net_-1600x900 How to repair damaged hair

Colouring hair and applying heat to it is intended to make it all kinds of pretty, but both things can have a seriously unwelcoming side effect: hair breakage. Figuring out how to repair it is no easy feat either, as Bustle says. If you think a bad haircut is upsetting, just wait until you’ve got half broken strands sitting on top of the rest of your hair. Not cute.

By now, everyone knows that chemicals, bleach, and heat can dry out your hair, but they can also make it susceptible to breakage. This is when your hair breaks off before it’s lifecycle is complete, usually mid-way down the shaft or close to the root, leaving those pieces considerably shorter than the rest of your hair. Depending on the natural strength of your hair (some people are born with thick, durable hair, while others naturally have thinner, more brittle hair) and how often you color or use heat it on, the potential for breakage will vary. Some people may never experience it, but if you have, you know the struggle is all too real.

Unlike taming a haircut gone wrong, you can’t (or rather, shouldn’t) flatiron or curl the broken pieces to help them blend more, because that will only cause more breakage. You also probably can’t cut the rest of your hair to equal the broken length, because the pieces tend to be pretty short, so you’re just kind of stuck waiting for it to grow out. So, what you do need to do? Take proper care of your broken pieces to prevent further damage.

If you suffer from hair breakage, make sure you do these eight things to help your strands recover.

  • Deep condition
  • Turn down the volume on heating tools
  • Use a heat protector
  • Use a detangler
  • Avoid top knots (the pulling of hair and securing it tight is not good for strands)
  • Comb your hair with conditioner on
  • Use Davines Naturaltech Nourishing Living Enzyme Infusion

Davines Naturaltech Nourishing Living Enzyme Infusion is a spray for protecting dry hair and damaged hair

Moisturising spray to nourish, restructure and protect hair that looks shiny, soft, nourished and protected. Visible results from first application.

How to use:

Apply to washed, towel-dried hair: divide the hair into sections and dispense 2 or 3 times on each. Comb through and dry. May be applied after every shampoo.

Natural active ingredients:

Grape phytoceuticals – rich in polyphenolss with a strong anti-oxidant action.

SOD enzyme – strong anti-oxidant action.

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