Problem hair and Davine’s Hair solutions

Davine’s-Hair-abloomnova.net_ Problem hair and Davine’s Hair solutions

For some people, upkeep of their hair is a simple event. Those who are born with glossy, thick manes will only complain about how long it takes to dry their hair.

Sadly for the rest of us we have to put up with:

Curly hair – ultra high-maintenance to avoid frizz

Thin hair – limp, easily greasy, shows scalp

Dry hair – lacks shine, unmanageable and coarse

Coloured hair – expensive to maintain (esp for blondes), drying, damaging

Split ends – Can look unruly

As much as we’d love the glam squads of the rich and famous, this is real life, so we need to rely on hair products we can use ourselves. Enter Davine’s Hair – a range of incredible formulas which can guarantee almost instant results on the most unruly of hair.

For bleached hair – Davines Finest Pigments No9 Very Light Blonde

Colour enhancing cream, contains 98% of natural ingredients. Finest Pigments intensifies the natural hair colour, tones highlights and enhances cosmetic hair colour. Helps to camouflage white hair and balances the colour of bleached hair. Does not require an activator, does not contain ammonia, can be used after a perm or relaxing hair treatment.

For dry and damaged hair – Davines Essential Haircare NOUNOU

NOUNOU Hair Mask is designed to deeply nourish treated hair, making it soft and silky, giving it body. It does not weigh down the hair. Its formula is ideal for bleached hair, with highlights, perm or relaxed hair.

The scent that characterises the NOUNOU family has a citrus, spicy and aromatic note.

For frizzy hair – Davines Essential Haircare LOVE / Shampoo – Lovely Smoothing Shampoo

LOVE Lovely Smoothing Shampoo is ideal for harsh and frizzy, undisciplined hair. Smoothing Shampoo gently cleanses, moisturises and nourishes hair. Leaving hair silky and shiny, makes it easy to style.

For fine hair – Davines Your Hair Assistant Prep Mild Cream – Conditioner for Fine to Medium Hair

Prep Mild Cream is an elasticising and moisturising conditioner for fine to medium hair. It is designed to moisturise and detangle hair without weighing it down. Hair feels soft and silky. Paraben free formula.

For limp hair – Davines Your Hair Assistant Volume Creator – Texturizing Wood Powder

The Volume Creator is a fine texturising and mattifying powder that protects blow-dried hair from humidity, creates volume and gives hair structure and consistency. The formula is all-natural, obtained from micronised coconut and bamboo powder reduced to tiny particles.








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