What do hair serums do?

Davines-Naturaltech-Energizing-Superactive-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 What do hair serums do?

We’ve heard of skin serums, and can attest to how they’ve transformed our (somewhat ageing) skin to look more glowing, youthful and smooth. But what about hair serums – are they a marketing ploy or something our hair is actually screaming out for?

As we enter a new year, the indulgences of December will be catching up with us. Dull skin, lifeless hair and a few pounds to lose. Getting back to normal is what January is all about and the best way to do this is catch up on sleep, eat better and treat yourself to a few decent products.

If you want to help your hair out, you might want to check out a bottle of hair serum. But what does hair serum do? For anyone with dry, frizzy hair – hair serum is a godsend. This product transforms your hair from dull and unkempt to shiny and manageable in an instant. It helps you get the salon look – (still can’t quite figure how my stylist can get my hair *that* shiny and smooth) – in the comfort of your own bathroom.

But how does it work? Hair serums are generally silicone-based, which means they coat the surface of the hair. This allows the hair strand to reflect more light so it looks far more lustrous than before and protects it from external factors such as dust, heat and humidity. It is the lubrication provided by the liquid which helps untangle hair making it manageable.

One of our best hair serums, Davines Naturaltech Energizing Superactive, is a hair serum for thinning hair, fragile hair or reducing hair loss.

This product combats hormone-related hair loss, androgenetic alopecia and the hyper-production of sebum, which may be associated with it. Hair grows healthier and stronger, the scalp has more tone and lower sebum production. This is a Naturaltech product.

And it’s mega simple to use. After shampooing, spread 3 gr. of product evenly over the scalp and massage in until completely absorbed. Do not rinse off. Intensive treatment: every other day for 1 month. Maintenance treatment: twice a week for 2 months.

Natural active ingredients:

  • Black cohosh – fight against androgenetic alopecia.

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