How often do you exfoliate?

REN-Vita-Mineral-Omega-3-Optimum-Skin-Oil-abloomnova.net_-1600x1068 How often do you exfoliate?

How often do you exfoliate? Most people don’t have a clear routine for exfoliating. In fact, many don’t exfoliate at all. But the results with a good scrub are instant. Your skin radiates, you look healthier and your skin feels a whole lot softer.

One of the things you have to bear in mind is that you should scrub too often. An exfoliation should take place around once every two weeks. Try and make this a routine if possible

Not only does exfoliating slough away dead skin cells, but it also unclogs the oil and dirt that lives in your pores and causes breakouts. Most store-bought exfoliating products contain harsh chemicals and dozens of questionable ingredients that have unknown benefits — another reason to make your own. As with any other exfoliating treatments, these should be used two to three times a week, not every day. And keep in mind that when trying a new skin-care product (or in this case, recipe), test it out before you go to bed. That way, if you have an adverse reaction, you can give your skin time to recover while you sleep.

However one of our favourite shop bought scrubbers is Dr. Spiller Cellosophy Exfoliating Enzyme Powder. And, it contains DIAMONDS!

This is an intensive enzymatic mask activated when warm towels or steam is applied to remove excess impurities and dead skin.

Base: Powder Base

Skin type: For Mature and Prematurely aging skin


An enzymatic mask with biological active enzymes to remove dirt and dead skin cells. Skin is left smoother with imperfections and unevenness concealed.

How to use:

In a professional treatment, use Exfoliating Enzyme Powder mask for exfoliation. Mix powder with equal amount of water and apply onto skin with brush. Keep the enzyme mask moist with warm towel or steam for activation of enzymatic action. Leave on for 10 minutes. Remove with lukewarm water and tone with Delicate Refreshener. Continue with next step in facial.

Active ingredients:

LS-Enzyme Compound



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