Why we need intense moisturising in winter

Dr.-Spiller-Sensicura-Intensive-Cream-abloomnova.net_ Why we need intense moisturising in winter

With the recent Beast from the East, Storm Emma and Pest from the West has played complete mayhem with our day-to-day lives over the past few weeks, but it’s been having an impact at a more personal level. According to the Daily Mail, with freezing temperatures outside and central heating cranked up to the max, chapped lips, sore red patches and flaky skin have become a daily occurrence.

But what actually happens to our skin in weather like this? When it’s very cold, there is less moisture in the environment.

This lack of moisture is compounded by wind, which blows moisture away from the skin, and central heating.

In a dry environment, water is lost from the keratinocytes  –  or skin cells  –  leaving skin feeling sore and chapped. And don’t assume that slathering on moisturiser gives skin a shot of water: sadly, it’s not that simple.

Moisturisers work in two ways, using two types of ingredient. There are humectants, such as hyaluronic acid and urea, and occlusives, such as paraffin.

Humectants draw water from the lower levels of the skin  –  this comes from the water we drink  –  to rehydrate the upper levels of the skin, while occlusives have a barrier function to help lock in this moisture.

Winter weather demands a moisturiser that’s heavier on the occlusives than your normal everyday moisturiser, making it more of a balm than a cream.

Dr. Spiller Sensicura Intensive Cream is a cell-protective and rich 24-hour moisturiser applied to noticeably reduce redness, itchiness and irritations.

With its oil base, this product is perfect for sensitive and hyper-reactive skin. A protecting and nourishing moisturiser to reduce skin irritations and inflammations with ingredients to provide the skin with regenerative, caring and hydrating effects. After cleansing and toning apply to face, neck and décolleté in the morning and evening.

Active ingredients:

  • Magnolia Bark Oil
  • Vitamin F Complex
  • Panthenol
  • Allantoin
  • Squalen
  • Vitamin E

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