Are your eyes ageing you?

Darphin-Wrinkle-Corrective-Eye-Contour-Cream-Abloomnova.net_ Are your eyes ageing you?

The skin around the eyes can really age your appearance. And the worst thing? This area is the first to go – and most people will start seeing changes in their eye contour area in their thirties. The reason for this is that the skin under the eyes is thin and translucent, so problems are quick to show. Fatigue or dehydration can lead the already slow blood and lymphatic circulation in the contour to diminish further. And the result? Dark circles. The passage of time doesn’t help either: with age, the skin can thin and sag, accentuating the appearance of shadows. Dark circles and puffiness are made worse by lack of sleep, stress and lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking and poor diet.

Sagging in the eye contour is often the first sign of ageing. With time – and the eyelid’s constant movement – the production of collagen and elastin decreases. The flesh becomes less firm, resulting in withered skin, particularly under the lower eyelid. And sagging is not the only sign of ageing: fine lines and crow’s feet appear in the outer corner of the eye.

Cleansing is essential, even if you’re not wearing make-up. Choose a gentle product such as micellar water, which dissolves slap and has a decongesting, soothing effect. The eye zone can quickly dry out so it needs hydration day and night, but it’s also extremely sensitive so choose products that won’t irritate. Apply a specific eye contour treatment to hydrate and plump up the skin, as well as smooth out fine lines – start doing this in your twenties, but remember, it’s never too late. By applying treatments correctly, you’ll boost your skin’s circulation, which will in turn counteract puffiness and the appearance of dark circles.

Darphin Wrinkle Corrective Eye Contour Cream is a silky-soft cream that helps repair the appearance of lines and deep wrinkles on the eye contour as it visibly renews natural glow and restores suppleness. The end result is that the eye contour is smoother, softer and radiant-looking.

  • Reduced wrinkles.
  • Soft, smoother and comforted skin.
  • Eye contour is luminous.

Apply Wrinkle Corrective Eye Contour Cream with the tips of your index fingers on the orbital bone around the eyes, starting from the inner corner of the eye. Let the cream penetrate by spreading it gently from the inside to the outside of the eye, following the curve of the bone. Do not apply the product directly below the lashes.

Key ingredients:
Peptides, Magnolia, Siegesbeckia and Hyaluronic Acid Spheres.

Ethical engagement:
72% of the total ingredients from natural origin. Formulated without parabens. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested. Clinically-proven efficiency.

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