How do I delay wrinkles?

Maria-Galland-Hydra-Lift-Eye-Cream-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 How do I delay wrinkles?

Eye wrinkles can happen at any age, but be assured that it will happen. Whether you get them in your thirties or fifties, those crinkles and wrinkles should be embraced. But there are ways of delaying them, thanks to these tips by SaveFace

If you’re still lucky enough to be at a stage when eye wrinkles are still preventable, then it’s best to do this in three ways:

  • Diet

Unsurprisingly, healthy eating can play a big part in slowing the ageing process. You will have heard the term ‘super foods’ being thrown around the media, and while they’re not a fix-all solution, eating a diet high in these things can help. Include products like oily fish, nuts and seeds, plenty of fruit and vegetables, dark chocolate and green tea.

  • Sun Protection

The delicate skin around your eyes is easily damaged by the sun, so it’s essential to use a specifically designed high SPF. Wearing sunglasses on a regular basis will also drastically reduce wrinkles caused by squinting.

  • Skincare Products

When it comes to eye creams and serums, there are a few ingredients that you should look out for. Hexapeptides work similarly to botulinum toxin to reduce muscle movement, idebenone (a smaller version of coenzyme Q10) is a powerful antioxidant, retinol (a vitamin A derivative) thickens the skin to make it look less transparent, and peptides stimulate collagen production.

Maria Galland Hydra Lift Eye Cream is a wonderfully light gel cream, full of valuable ingredients, is so well absorbed by the skin that eye make-up can be applied straight away. The precious apple stem cell extract protects the skin’s natural stem cells in the sensitive area of the eyes and, thanks to its anti-wrinkle effect*, slows down skin ageing. Buckwheat wax and glycosaminoglycans reduce puffiness, bags under the eyes and dark shadows. At the same time, the skin is soothed**, supplied with intensive moisture, and refreshed.

*A 4-week anti-wrinkle study showed a significant reduction in wrinkles; after 2 weeks of regular use, there was already a considerable reduction in wrinkles.
**90 % of the 20 test persons taking part in a 4-week dermatological study noticed a soothing effect on their skin (application twice daily).


Main active ingredients:
Stem cell extract from Swiss apples, buckwheat wax, a hesperidine peptide complex, extract from the leaves of the mint, glycosaminoglycans, salicornia extract, buckbean extract, corn extract, caffeine, argan oil.

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