How to “lift” the eyes – without expensive surgery!

Carita-Progressif-Lift-Fermete-Genesis-of-Youth-for-Eyes-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 How to “lift” the eyes – without expensive surgery!

The eyes are the windows to the soul – and the first thing to give away our age. When the wrinkles, crows feet and bags start to reveal themselves, what can we do to reduce the old aged pensioner look?

Thanks to MyHealthPortal for these cracking DIY tips that you can do from the comfort of your own home:

Potato au naturel!

The humble potato contains natural bleaching substances, which not only eliminates puffy eyes, but can improve the appearance of dark rings around the eye area. 

The much undervalued cucumber.


Absolutely, as apart from merely being an addition to any plate of salad vegetables, cucumbers contain both natural gentle astringent substances together with skin lightening properties, which will not only help to resolve any dark circles, but furthermore by placing a thick slice of cucumber over the eye area will result in both a calming sensation and a rejuvenated appearance of the delicate eye area skin per se.


Dead heading your rose bushes

Then don’t throw them in the compost, instead why not steep the rose petals in water to make your own natural rose water which is an astonishing constituent for all skin care including the fragile eye area. Nothing better to relieve tired eyes, when cotton eye pads soaked in rose water are placed on closed eyelids for approximately 15 minutes. You will immediately notice a positive change in overall eye appearance.

Unused half a lemon sitting in the fridge?

Then revive it by squeezing the juice and soaking a ball of cotton wool, which can then be applied around your eyes, left in situ for about 10 minutes rinsed off with warm water and voilà, where did those dark circles go?

Plenty of zzzzz’s

Imperative if you wish to ward off those unsightly looking puffy eyes. Healthy adults should have an uninterrupted sleep for between 7 .5 to 9 hours nightly.


Yes simply by keeping well hydrated, you can abolish those dark rings around your eyes.

Grow a little herb garden, and pick a cluster of mint leaves

Simply crush them into a paste and apply to the whole of the eye area (lids closed of course!) unwind for 10-15 minutes and rinse off with tepid water. Tired haggard looking eyes replaced by sparkling revitalised peepers!

Herbal Chamomile tea bags

Pop one in for the pot for a delicious cup of relaxing tea, and use another tea bag for tired eyes with visible dark circles. Simply immerse your teabag in hot water, followed by a dousing in moderately cold water and place on closed eyes for approximately 20 minutes, and hey presto where did those dark circles go?

But for an advanced total lift care, Carita Progressif Lift Fermete Genesis of Youth for Eyes is a gel that is easily absorbed and helps to preserve your skin’s youth in this delicate area by acting on signs of its existing and developing ageing. The exclusive Genesis Lift ingredient targets the source of imperfections to help reduce and correct loss of firmness and cutaneous elasticity.

This complete treatment smoothes wrinkles, firms the eyelids and visibly fades dark circles and lines, for incredibly rested and radiant eyes. The skin immediately feels firmer, wrinkles are smoothed and the eyes are glowing with youth.



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