The anti-ageing magic tool for the eyes and lips

Carita-Progressif-Anti-Age-Global-Perfect-Cream-for-Eyes-and-Lips--1600x1067 The anti-ageing magic tool for the eyes and lips

As we age, we see tell tale signs appearing. The neck gets creased and saggier, the hands become wrinklier and fine lines appear. Two of the main features on your face – the eyes and the lips show the most wear and tear.

The skin around the eyes and lips is some of the most delicate and thin on the body – this means it has less structure to keep the shape.

As we get older, this delicate skin is the first to be effected by the passing of time. The skin under your eyes gets thinner with every passing year, making the blood vessels underneath become more visible.

The damage can be escalated by smoking, poor diet, air pollution and stress, but even if you’ve stayed away from these crease-causing habits, doing things like unconsciously pursing your lips can also lead to wrinkles.

For the average woman, it’s feels like bowing to the inevitable, but there are products which are designed for particular areas of the body that can help slow down the ageing process.

One of these products, is something we recommend for the eyes and lips. Carita Progressif Anti-Age Global Perfect Cream for Eyes and Lips is an incredibly well formulated product for the two facial features that need the most love.

Suitable for the most delicate areas of mature skins, Crème Parfaite Yeux et Lévres offers a targeted and effective anti-ageing response.

Using this on a regular basis will see some positive results – the skin’s softness and firmness are restored to that similar of youthful skin. On top of this, puffiness and dark circles around the delicate eye area fade. The lip contour area, which can see severe creasing and loss of definition, is redefined.

How to use: Apply morning and evening to the cleansed eye and lip contour area, using light massage movements.



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