Sensitive skin care products ingredients

Sensitive-skin-care-products-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 Sensitive skin care products ingredients

The last post was about sensitive skin care products ingredients to avoid, this post will be about ingredients to zone in on.

While those with sensitive skin are particularly wary about applying anything on to their bodies, it might be some comfort to find out that not only are there quite a lot of good, nourishing and effective ingredients that are safe to use, but there are also many, many products out on the market which are incredible for this type of skin.

All you need to look out for are calming ingredients and lipid-rich, barrier-repairing oils, which can reduce redness, calm inflammation, and reduce symptoms of sensitivity.

Green tea

The merits of green tea in the body are well known. But green tea ON the body is also very effective. Rich in antioxidants and helps with skin circulation, this is a great ingredient for irritable skin. We love: Dr. Spiller Biomimetic Skin Care Sanvita Mask – This moistuirising mask contains anti-inflammatories and emollients derived from green tea and ginseng to soothe, repair and protect chronically sensitised complexions prone to irritation and discomfort.

Sunflower Oil

Atlantis Skincare Velvet Skin Night Elixir is a mix of high quality plant oils to protect, regenerate and comfort your skin whilst you sleep. The selected blend of elegant natural oils – including sunflower oil – and exotic butters ensures effective antioxidant defence, stimulates the regeneration of skin and improves the skin tone.

Chamomile Tea

Gatineau Gentle Eye Make-up Remover – Treat your eyes with this non-oily alcohol free cleansing and soothing lotion with the same pH as your natural tears. It gently – with the help of chamomile and cornflower to soothe fragile skin – removes eye shadow, liner and mascara without irritating the eyes or the delicate eye area. This product can also be used to remove lipstick. This multi-use product with its combination of anti-inflammatory ingredients can be used as a cold eye compress to help decongest the eye area.

There are plenty more as well – just check our sensitive skin range with a wonderful range of products for inspiration.

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