Guinot Newhite – skin lightening treatment

Today I have something for all of you who are straggling with spots and pigments. Sometimes they look charming but some of them can become nasty, agree?

lightening Guinot Newhite - skin lightening treatment

The Lightening sources focus on pigmentation and brown spots, these products are from Guinot

  • Guinot Newhite Lotion Eclat Blancheur – Perfect Brightening Lotion
  • Guinot Newhite Gel de Lait Demaquillant Eclaircissant – Perfect Brightening Cleanser
  • Guinot Newhite Creme Jour Eclaircissante – Brightening Day Cream SPF30
  • Guinot Newhite Creme Nuit Eclaircissante – Brightening Night Cream
  • Guinot Newhite Serum Eclaircissant Vitamin C – Brightening Serum
  • Guinot Newhite Masque Revelateur Lumiere – Instant Brightening Mask

This group of skin lightening products it is the best if you use them in combination with each other as it will give you better result much quicker. If your problem is ‚lighter‘, you can use only one of the products.

All products contain Vitamin C – Antioxidant.
Use Guinot products and do not fear the sun, just take care!

With Love,

Abloomnova xx

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