Guinot Youth Time Foundation Nr.1, Nr.2, Nr.3

Do you still remember there’s one of my blogs revealing that I am actually quite lazy when it comes to makeup, so keeping myself as presentable and comfortable at the same time – my makeup routine is usually a layer of foundation, mascara with a hint of blush.

And I guess it’s not surprising to reveal you lovelies another hereditary from my family – my mum and sister are both putting their partiality on skincare over makeup! Though this makes us minimalist in makeup field, so we tried to find out the finest product within this field so we can avoid the hassle that ladies would encounter.
So this series of Guinot Youth Time Foundation comes in three shades, which is very user friendly. We always feel bad to see passers by got an obvious colour difference on their neck and face, which is quite embarrassing to be honest! This anti-aging foundation in three shades has a light texture but it doesn’t lose its functionality to fill wrinkles and balance uneven skin tone from the sun or aging spots.

At the same time it combats loss of firmness and elasticity, from what I see from my mum and sister, they certainly have a more youthful face compared to when I last saw them during last Sunday dinner. Plus it saves me a step when I am in a rush to work, to have this foundation with me, all the sunscreens and moisturizers can be neglected for a while. Because the creamy texture not only serves its function in smoothing and filling up the wrinkles, it also hydrates


It contains green tea extract and vitamin E to keep our skins away from UV radiation. And I also stressed on the importance of our relationship with the sun, we love staying in it to have a lovely sunbathe like any cat does, but our skin couldn’t fight with the harmful effects from it.

Fill your wrinkles further:

Well, It’s all good when you see your beloved ones looking gorgeous, isn’t it? If you want to fill your wrinkles further for any special occasions (Valentine’s Day is coming ladies!), please don’t hesitate to grab one Guinot Acti-Rides Flash Wrinkle Eraser System, my mum told me that her friend was so pleased with the result, in depth filling her wrinkles are reduced and ready for her daughter’s wedding!

But for those of you who don’t, please massage your skim with any anti-aging products: rolling your finger under your eyes, from corner of your eye outwards, lift it up in light circular motion for 30 seconds per night, I guarantee you won’t regret in spending this minimal of time to have a gorgeous looking face!

Remove make-up:

Okay! Here we go, finally, remember to remove make-up with this Guinot Bioxygene Cleansing Foam . As well as many of you may know, it has a very gentle mousse formula, and removes all the dirt and makeup from your skin in one go. Leaving your skin soft and comfortable to kick off your skin care rotation every night! Even when I might have heavy makeup for events, I will still have it as my last stage of cleansing after some wipes and cleansing oil, to make sure my skin doesn’t get irritated with any other product really!

So, for the foundation:
If you have pale, light skin, click here for your Youth Time! Guinot Youth Time Foundation No 1 Light Beige

If you have sun-kissed, tan skin, click here for your Youth Time! Guinot Youth Time Foundation No 2 Perfect Beige

If you have brown, darker skin, click here for your Youth Time! Guinot Youth Time Foundation No 3 Intense Beige

They go pretty quick, make sure you get your right colour!



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