How sensitive skin could benefit from cornflowers

Guinot-Demaquillant-Hydra-Sensitive-Gentle-Cleanser-abloomnova.net_ How sensitive skin could benefit from cornflowers

It goes without saying that sensitive skin needs extra special care. Many skincare products are not advisable for skin that reacts to a lot of ingredients, so when you choose what to put on your skin, it not only needs to protect but it also needs to nourish. Cornflowers are one such ingredient that those with sensitive skin need to research – these plants are amazing for any type of problem skin.

According to Herb & Hedgerow, there is a long history of herbal use associated with cornflowers. It has been used to treat various eye ailments for centuries and was traditionally used to make ‘break spectacles water’ which Household Books in the 17th Century recommended for alleviating the need to wear glasses (Hatfield’s Herbal, 2007). Other historical herbalists such as Gerard and Culpeper recommmended cornflower as a wound healer and for a variety of eye-related illnesses. It was historically also used to produce a blue ink or dye.

Cornflowers contain many different compounds. However, it’s the anthocyanins in cornflower, a particular type of flavonoid or naturally occurring plant pigment that contain antioxidant properties, which are thought to lead to its healing effects. Anthocyanins are thought to display an array of beneficial actions on human health and well-being. Due to our increasing understanding and awareness of the potential beneficial human health effects, research on anthocyanins has recently intensified.

The anthocyanins in cornflowers have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties so using cornflowers will help with tired, itchy and puffy eyes. Other eye-related benefits can include reducing the effects of pollution or soothing the eyes after long hours at the computer. Skin benefits come from cornflower’s cooling and toning properties and for that reason this lovely herb is often used in cosmetics to firm mature and crepey skin. Daily cornflower compresses on the eyes are thought to visibly diminish fine lines and tone the skin around the eyes.

Guinot Demaquillant Hydra Sensitive – Gentle Cleanser is one such product that has capitalised one the powers of the cornflower.

  • Impeccably removes make-up from the eye.
  • Protects and softs the eye contour.
  • Prevents from itching during make-up removal.
  • Suits to contact lens wearers.


Active components in this product included:

  • Cornflower water: Refreshes and soothes.
  • Rose water: Tones.
  • Camomile extract: Soothes redness and irritations.

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