How to avoid counterfeit Guinot products online

Guinot-products-online-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 How to avoid counterfeit Guinot products online

If you’re looking for Guinot products online, how sure are you that you’re getting the real deal?

Before we go on – Abloomnova only stocks 100 per cent genuine products straight from the brand’s HQ. We understand that the only way to stay afloat in a competitive industry is to only provide the best quality products and the highest quality service.

So, while price may govern your purchase, does a low price automatically point to an inferior, counterfeit product?

Well, there are other pointers that can hint that the product is not completely bona fide. And while we all want a bargain and get our favourite products at a good price, it’s often an indicator that a suspiciously cheap price indicates a product from a dubious source.

Here’s a few more tips on how to spot “hookie” goods:

  1. Dodgy looking website?

Have a look at the website that you’re ordering on. Does it look of a good standard? Does it have a verified security badge? Is it simple to log on to or are you having problems? Log out and log back in again. If the problems continue, look elsewhere. There are many illegitimate sites that lure customers in but where the connection isn’t secure and your card details at risk

  1. Secure connection?

If your website does not begin with a “https” (the “s” to indicate security) when you get to the payment stage, do not go any further.

  1. Poor handle of English…

…Or whatever other language you’re reading it in. Poor quality website grammar can hint towards a rip-off site. This is because suppliers of counterfeit goods throw up websites in order to shift the products and do not cultivate a perfect looking website as a proper seller would.

  1. Does it have a return policy?

If there is no return policy, do not continue your purchase. The website is breaking the law by not supplying correct terms and conditions regarding the scenario of returning a product, so they’re probably breaking the law on the actual products they sell.

  1. Find the expiration date:

Some products are sold in bulk to convenience stores, sit on a truck until they expire, and then have a new price tag slapped on them at a discounted rate. Another way to check for old or altered products is to make sure the batch code is still on the bottom and hasn’t been scratched off or is simply non-existent. (If there’s no image of the batch code, beware!)

  1. Double check the brand’s authorised retail list

Before you buy, head over to the brand’s official website: Most, if not all, brands have this information available on their site and it ensures that their products have been authorized by the brand for resale to those particular retail outlets.




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