The best Paris skincare brands

Paris-skincare-abloomnova.net_ The best Paris skincare brands

It seems that Paris is the skincare brands capital. With acclaimed brands such as Ella Bache and Guinot Paris skincare mavens, we wonder what it is that has made the City of Love the epicentre of skincare.

Abloomnova are pleased to be suppliers of such acclaimed brands, and here we list the best Paris skincare brands on our roster.

  1. La Biosthetique

La Biosthetique is most known for its hair and beauty products and is inspired by nature. The brand have been formulating natural skin and hair care solutions since the 1950s and have been known across the world for almost as long. La Biosthetique ranges include customised scalp and hair treatments, hair loss treatments, professional colouring, aromatherapy, make up and premium skincare.

  1. Ella Bache

Ella Baché is a skin care brand created in France by pharmacist Madame Baché in 1936. It is one of the oldest family-owned skincare companies in the world. It began with a few handmade formulations and a salon located at 8 Rue de la Paix in Paris. The Ella Baché brand has since grown to include a range of products available in over forty countries worldwide.

Ella Baché launched the first hot wax in Europe in 1930. The company pioneered the use of Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) with the introduction of the ‚Crème Tomate‘ beauty cream in 1935. In 1952 they introduced the world’s first ‚cold wax strips‘ and in 1994 they were first to use Quinoa plant extracts for cosmetology. In 2001 the company won several international beauty awards.

  1. Guinot

Guinot Mary Cohr is a Paris-based company specialising in skin-care and beauty products. They are known in the tennis world for sponsoring an exhibition team-tennis event the week before the French Open from 2009 to 2012 known as the Masters Guinot-Mary Cohr.

  1. Gatineau

Founded in 1932 by acclaimed Parisian skincare expert Jeanne Gatineau, the brand are celebrating 85 years this year as leading specialists in anti-aging skincare. Gatineau combine natural ingredients with cutting edge bio-technology to create highly effective skincare. The brand is seen as pioneering and aimed at professional beauticians and salon owners. With the products providing a salon-quality treatment for the skin.

  1. Maria Galland

This is one of the most well known and most prestigious cosmetic companies in the world. The company was established in 1962 and immediately won the recognition of demanding specialists. The first well-known cream created by the beautician Maria Galland in honour of Coco Chanel was marked No. 5. Subsequently, Maria Galland with Professor dermatologist Grosu from Strasburg have developed many high-quality cosmetic products. Maria Galland named each cream with a certain number according to numerology science, which she was highly interested in. Such a marking of creams has remained until present.

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