What causes wrinkly lips?

Guinot-Longue-Vie-Levres-Vital-Lip-Care-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 What causes wrinkly lips?

Have you noticed wrinkles and cracks in your lips? Wondering what’s causing the crinkled look?

According to epainassist, simple and fine lines with creases on the lips are normally among the first few lines of ageing. While ageing takes the award for ruining your perfect pout, there are few other factors too that can partake in pleating up your lip skin.

Here are few reasons besides ageing you must avoid indulging in or are signs you need to alarm yourselves about wrinkled lips:

Wrinkled lips caused due to smoking

Alongside darkening your lips and ruining your lungs, smoking can play an adverse role in wrinkling up your lip skin. The skin is like a fabric and the multiple times you shrink your lips to hold on to a cigarette, you develop such fine lines. Smoking dries up the skin on your lips, leaving them dehydrated which results in chapped, thin, flaky and wrinkled lips.

How dehydration and poor diet can cause wrinkles on your lips

What you eat or drink always shows up on your skin and mainly on your lips. The intake of an imbalanced diet causes your digestive system to function slow, resulting in improper dietary issues. Fried food, irregular eating habits and lack of fruits and veggies in your system messes up digestion, making your lips look bad with flaky vertical wrinkles. Apart from a proper diet, your lips require a good amount of water intake. Dehydrated lips wrinkle faster.

Why excessive exposure to sunlight can cause wrinkled lips

It is the UV rays! Just not you skin but even your lips exposed to the sunlight can be vulnerable to dryness and wrinkles. It is always a good idea to keep them hydrated and use lip balms with special SPF content to avoid them from being ruined by harmful UV rays.

Why you must not drink water from the bottle directly

This myth is true. Drinking water from the bottle regularly could hamper your lips‘ skin. Contracting your lip muscles continuously can have adverse effects on your lip skin, giving them a perpetually wrinkled look. It is said that drinking water from a glass is a good habit as the intake is better and the water flushes out toxins better. However, drinking water from the bottle will shrink your lips and cause wrinkles on it. Repetitive contraction of your lip and mouth muscles to drink water from the bottle will leave your lips disfigured and make them rough and skin with fine lines as just like the ones you get due to excess smoking.

Even though these are just few of the causes, taking care of them can help your lips stay intact and line-free. There are a few effective remedies that will keep your lips wrinkle-free:

Guinot Longue Vie Levres – Vital Lip Care reduces lines and wrinkles around your lips, and gives your lipstick a longer lasting hold. Plumps and nourishes your lips.

Active component:

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