What do you do with ageing skin around the eyes?

Guinot-Time-Logic-Age-Eye-Serum-ABLOOMNOVA.NET_-1600x1054 What do you do with ageing skin around the eyes?
The skin around your eyes is the thinnest, and most delicate skin on your body at only 1/9 the thickness or the rest of your skin. According to Texas Beauty Company, this makes it more prone to damage and signs of aging. In fact, the skin around your eyes is usually the first place people show signs of aging with puffy eyes, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles. There are special types of anti-aging serums and moisturisers as well as natural remedies to help fight these early signs and prevent more external damage. Use these five tips to reverse the signs of aging around your eyes.


Fine lines and wrinkles are the most common early signs of aging. The things we do on a daily basis like squinting and rubbing our eyes can create crow’s feet and other wrinkles, even if we don’t notice we are doing them. By using moisturizers formulated for around the eye use, you can reduce the visual appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while preventing future damage.

Drink Water

One of the most important things you can do for your body is drink water. Drinking water can help improve blood circulation, the root cause of puffy eyes. By avoiding salty foods and increasing your water intake, you can reduce water retention to bring down the puffiness. Adults are recommended to drink at least eight glasses of water each day, which can improve your eating habits, hydration, and other natural bodily functions. In addition to drink water, in the morning when you wake up before your use any skin care products, splash cold water on your face to help reduce swelling around the eyes.

Get Sleep

One of the simplest, yet sometimes hardest lifestyle you can change to prevent more signs of aging is getting into a consistent sleep schedule. There are a variety of reasons why this may seem impossible for some people whether they have a sleep disorder, kids, work, or whatever the reason may be, but if possible, getting into a routine can significantly help. It isn’t necessarily how long you are sleeping, rather the consistency of your schedule. When you keep a consistent sleep pattern, hormones and biorhythms in your body are released during different stages of your sleep, and by changing your sleep often, your body will become confused on when to release these. This, in turn, disrupts the biological process, leading to inflammatory substances in the blood, the ones that can damage the skin and result in premature aging. Additionally, consistent sleep gives your anti-aging products a chance to work their magic.

The way you sleep can also impact your skin. To avoid clogging pores and build up on your skin, sleep with your head slightly elevated. Try different pillow positions to achieve an optimal position that is most comfortable to you, as being comfortable leads to a good night’s sleep.

Guinot Time Logic Age Eye Serum delivers powerful, highly effective ingredients to the eye area for an intensive anti-aging treatment and visible results. It reduces puffiness and dark circles, and smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles for a bright and youthful appearance. Apply at night to the eyelids and around eyes. Use your ring finger to gently smooth serum from inner corner towards the outer corner.

Active component:

  • ATP: Replenishes the ATP energy molecule naturally found in skin and which diminishes over time; Stimulates cell renewal.
  • Actinergie: Reenergizes cells by improving oxygen intake.
  • Cellular Life Complex: Contains 20 Amino Acids, 14 Vitamins, 15 Biological Actives, 7 Mineral Salts; Invigorates cellular metabolism and regeneration.
  • Hydrocyte Complex: Improves skin’s ability to retain moisture to plump skin and relieve dehydration.

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