How to look after your hair

look-after-your-hair-abloomnova.net_-1-1600x1067 How to look after your hair

You want your hair to look good – but are you looking after it? Hair needs treatment from the outside and within, so whatever you use to style, and choose to eat, affects the long term condition of your follicles.

Thanks to Byrdy who have compiled these handy tips on how to make your hair look good, grow faster and have experience few Bad Hair Days than normal.


Make sure you are getting enough iron. The best sources are in your diet; chicken, turkey, beef, oysters, nuts, legumes, seeds, spirulina and dark leafy greens are all packed with iron. Ask your doctor if your iron is at a healthy level or if you should try an iron supplement.


Sleep is essential. Not getting enough of it can lead to an array of health problems, one of which is unhealthy skin and hair. You have a right to those eight hours, so consider them top priority. You can dream about having long hair.


Not all hair was created equal, so why should everyone follow the same schedule when it comes to trims? While it’s important to touch up split ends before they cause serious breakage thus leading to shorter hair, you don’t want to overdue it either. Find a hairstylist you trust, and ask them how frequently you need to schedule haircuts. Once they know your dedication to growing out your locks, they can get you on a program where trims only tackle what need to be removed.


Stress impacts everything in the body, including your hair. Not being able to channel high levels of anxiety or pressure can lead to not only a lack of hair growth, but hair loss. Try meditating for 20 minutes first thing each morning. It’ll help calm the mind before you start the day.


Heating tools and hairdresser oils are quick to camouflage fried hair, but they aren’t doing us any favours in the long run. Haircare extends well beyond a cut. Incorporate a deep conditioning hair mask like Davines Minu Hair Mask (£20.54) into your weekly routine. Switch from a metal hairbrush to an all natural Boar Bristle Brush specifically designed for thinning hair. It’s also important to invest in quality shampoo and conditioner that heal and restore hair with every wash.

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