How hair powder can give your hair va-va-voom

La-Biosthetique-Volume-Powder-abloomnova.net_-1600x1458 How hair powder can give your hair va-va-voom

Could volume powder add that much needed va-va-voom to your hair? Ditch the texturizing paste and root spray – this is the product that all fine-haired ladies and gents need.

The beauty of hair powder is that it’s so easy to use. Whack it on dry hair, give it zhush, and you’re ready to face the day with incredibly thick looking locks. The benefits are huge, and thanks to Stylecraze for these incredible 12 top tips:

  1. Unlike hair masks, hair texture powder is no mess hair applicator.
  2. A little amount is enough for the complete day.
  3. It can set any hair style in place.
  4. It doesn’t let your hair style go messy or worse throughout the day.
  5. This amazing formula is chemically free too. It is free of any synthetic odour or color.
  6. Since it is colourless, it can be applied to any hair colour easily.
  7. Since it is odourless, it protects your hair from smelling like rotten eggs throughout the day.
  8. Since it is free of hair harming chemicals, the quality of your hair and scalp is maintained throughout.
  9. One application is enough, as it stays on the hair until washed.
  10. Hair Texture powders are unique ways of flaunting thicker hair that is manageable and radiant.
  11. It keeps your hair safe from tangling and frizz by making them soft, smooth and manageable all day long.
  12. It adds sexy volume to thin hair and your hair looks fluffy and full of life from the moment you apply it.

One of our favourite hair powders, La Biosthetique Volume Powder is an innovative high-tech hair powder gives fine hair volume, texture and structure in a flash – for 24 hours, weightless and without stickiness.

Short or long – works on any style. The unique high-tech hair powder gives all hairstyles a perfect volume boost, matte structure and lift – for 24 hours, without stickiness. This is thanks to the innovative, two-phase high-tech formulation of water-repellent silica gel and hydrosoluble resins. It disappears almost weightlessly in fine, lifeless hair and transforms it into dreamy volume with a push-up effect. Volume Powder is not only great for undone looks, but also ideal for restyling your hair or for on the go when you are in a rush.

Loosely part hair, dust Volume Powder on to roots for more volume and lift and lightly rub in. Apply like a salt shaker and only use in dry hair.

Due to the intense effect, use very sparingly (enough for 40 – 60 applications).

Don’t finish with any other products. After washing and before blow-drying, styling products such as Fine Hair Volumising Lotion can be used.



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