How to use hair clay

La-Biosthetique-Shampooing-Hydrotoxa-Shampoo-for-Scalp-Perspiration-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 How to use hair clay

Ever use hair clay, or hair pomade, and ended up with an oil slick hair do? It may come as no surprise to realise that you’ve been doing it all wrong.

Thanks to VeryGoodLight, here are some tips:

Prep the hair. After washing your hair, blowdry until there’s little to no moisture in your hair. Then, try adding a little hair primer. Has a little salt that makes your hair a little dirtier. Dirty hair, as we know, is beautiful hair. Spritz just a little (try three sprays getting in all of your strands). This makes the hair malleable, and ready for full product absorption. We’ll get more in depth with this in another post.

Rub-a-dub. Just like how you warm your moisturizer in your hands, you do the same for pomade so that it’s evenly distributed throughout your hair. “Most pomades are waxy in consistency so rubbing it together in your hands helps you heat up the product and make it more pliable. Pro tip: Finding your hard pomade won’t come out of its jar? Try using a blowdryer to melt it a little. Just 3-4 seconds will do.

Back to front. It’s instinctual to want to put product in your bangs first, or perhaps everywhere. But trust us when we say going back to front will do wonders. “When there is less on your hands move to where the hair is lighter in density, like the top and sides,” says Niko. The trick behind this is that when the back of your head has ample amount of product, your hair will do what you want it to do. A satisfied head is a happy head. Remember that.

If you have…

Thick, coarse or curly hair: “It’s better to put a pomade on your hair when it’s still somewhat damp,” says Niko. “Hair is like a sponge. A damp sponge absorbs more than a dry one. The product will penetrate the hair a little more deeply. As the moisture evaporates your hair keeps that shape and stays more controlled looking.”

Fine or thinner hair: “On finer and thinner hair, dry application is best so you can see the effect of the amount of product you use,” Niko says. “Too much pomade on these hair types can make the hair look weighed down and greasy, so go sparingly. You can always go back for more.”

La Biosthetique Matt Clay is a modelling paste gives particularly short hair structure and flexible, matte texture. This modelling paste easily styles the hair and is a great quick fix for hair that isn’t behaving itself – a bad hair day.

Matt Clay contains an effective and natural active ingredient formulation of mineral white pigment, natural clay and water-free silicic acid that provide cool and, above all, long-lasting matte texture. Despite strong hold the paste is elastically easy to remove and stylishly easy to apply to the hair. Thanks to natural beeswax and mineral wax, it not only gives flexible lift, but also reliable protection against humidity. Matt Clay is the ideal modelling paste for men and all women who prefer matte to glossy looks once in a while.

The product is very easy to use. Simply rub Matt Clay between the palms and then evenly distribute into dry hair. Style and then your matte look is complete.

Key ingredients:

  • Mineral white pigment, natural clay, water-free silicic acid: Result in a long-lasting matte effect.
  • Natural beeswax: provides structure and flexible hold.
  • Mineral wax: protects against humidity and supports stylability.

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