Why we should all us leave in conditioner

Davines-Your-Hair-Assistant-Definition-Mist-–-Polish-and-Separation-Spray-abloomnova.net_-1600x1455 Why we should all us leave in conditioner

We’ve heard a lot about leave-in conditioner – but does it really live up to its reputation? Can it tame our wild locks. We spoke to Method Hair to find out more.

Moisturises Dry Hair

Many people use leave-in condition to eliminate dryness and brittleness from their hair. With the right amount of moisture, your hair will avoid problems such as breakage, frizziness, and split ends. Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners also increase your hair’s moisture.

Detangles and Softens Hair

It’s easier to manage your hair if you can easily comb through it and section it. You may be thinking, doesn’t my conditioner do this too? Yes, however, leave-in conditioner extends the feeling of healthy hair.

Leave-in conditioner provides your hair with softness and manageability while acting as a heat barrier for your hair. Leave-in conditioner also makes styling easier giving you a more defined and neat look.

Refreshes Your Hair

Many leave-in conditioners use various types of proteins, oils, and water. With these ingredients, leave-in conditioners allow you to revamp your mid-week look to look as good as new!

Strengthens Your Hair

If you include a leave-in regiment into daily hair care process, your hair will get stronger over time. Your hair will be free from breakage and dryness, while constantly absorbing the proteins your hair needs to become stronger and healthier.

Increase Hair Growth

Some leave-in conditioners like Kevin Murphy’s Leave-In.Repair act as a reparative hair care solution. These leave-in conditioners use enriched oil and essential fatty acids, which nourish hair, scalp and promote hair growth.

La Biosthetique Cheveux Longs Hydrating Spa Fluid – Moisturising Care Emulsion is a leave-in care emulsion strengthens the hair lengths, provides softness and gives long hair ultimate protection.

The protective care emulsion transports its excellent substances from selected hyaluronic acid, fine oil from the Peruvian Sacha inchi nut and wheat peptides deep into the hair. There they bind moisture and repair damaged parts of the hair.

Sunflower extracts and an effective UV filter contained in Hydrating Spa Fluid form a shield against free radicals and effectively ward them off. In a flash, your hair boasts irresistible shine, softness and elasticity. Hydrating Spa Fluid restores your hair’s natural beauty – light, effective and fast.

After washing, distribute Hydrating Spa Fluid into towel-dried hair and simply knead in. And you’re done.

Main ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid: binds moisture, deeply penetrates the hair and replenishes the hair’s moisture reservoirs.

Oil of the Peruvian Sacha inchi nut: radical trap, strengthens the resistance to hair breakage and split ends.

Wheat peptides: repair damaged structures in the hair lengths.

Sunflower extract and UV filter: protection against UV radiation.

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