Why it is important to use a night cream

IMG_3893-1 Why it is important to use a night cream

Do you really have to use a night cream at night? Can’t you just use a day cream in the morning and in the evening? Surely, the effect is just the same? To moisturise?

Well, yes and no. There’s some valid reasons why night creams exist, and aren’t just a marketing ploy for you to buy more stuff.

According to BodyandSoul, during the day your skin is in protection mode. It’s doing its best to fight against all the environmental aggressors I mentioned above. Your day cream is filled with antioxidants, peptides and usually a high SPF to support it with its protective actions.

At night, skin switches into rest and repair mode, in line with your biorhythms and sleep patterns. The purpose of a night cream is to support your skin through that, and make it more efficient at maintaining a healthy complexion.

So, they will contain ingredients that aid in the regeneration process, like ceramides, which trigger collagen production, and vitamins A, C, E or B5 that help skin function optimally.

One of our favourite night creams is Matis Reponse Premium The Night. This is a true “revitaliser” treatment for nocturnal cutaneous renewal. Thanks to the caviar extract, an extraordinary source of vital elements with strong regenerative powers, it helps to revitalise the skin. Night after night it helps the skin to look soft and silky.

Plus, Matis Reponse Premium The Night is perfect for mature skin. And easy to use as well. Just apply it each evening, on cleaned skin of the face and neck.

Key ingredients:

  • Caviar Extract: Helps revitalize cell renewal, contributes to nourishing and replenishing the skin’s minerals.
  • Tamarind Extract: Stimulates the cell renewal, fights against free radicals and avoids wrinkles’ formation.
  • Marine Collagen: Envelops the skin and increases cell cohesiveness, giving the skin greater resistance and better comfort.

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