Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Day Oil

There are myths about the use of oil to heal oily skin type, some would say to layer oil over oil sounds terrible. While there are bio-oils that are well-known among problem skins and you can heal from them. As for the skin care product Abloomnova is going to introduce it is Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Day Oil, a light and fortifying oil that will lift your day, and here is how you can apply it during the day:

There was this one time when I went to a makeup counter for some makeup tips. The lady said after having our faces cleansed, first thing we can apply is some oil. Follow with a primer and finishing with a powder. This should leave you with a soft and smooth surface of your skin.

While I still have some doubt if products out of their brand work in the same way, but Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Day Oil became one of the best moisturizer for all skin types. Especially if you have oily skin type, you can simply avoid any heavy moisturizer or gel that could irritates and block your pores. And especially if you don’t get many humid days, using quality oil can normalize your skin. And prevent your skin producing excess oil by offering something better for your skin, this little bottle of oil can last up to five/six months. This is enough for you to notice and to commit to this change, we are sure you can touch the softness and moisture on your skin, not feeling oily anymore!

As it is a quick absorbing day oil, you might want to give a little highlight at the top of your cheeks and chin for a glowy dewy look like those Korean makeup artists, that has been trending for a while, have fun with it!

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