Why you should ALWAYS moisturise oily skin

Ella-Bache-Fruit-d’Eclat-a-la-Tomate-Bio-Lait-a-Demaquiller-–-Certified-Organic-Makeup-Removing-Milk-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 Why you should ALWAYS moisturise oily skin

Oily skin can be hard to treat and tackle. If you’re looking at a greasy shine every time you look in the mirror, you might think that moisturiser is the last thing you need. In fact, it’s one thing you need to maintain if you have greasy skin.

The problem with depriving your skin of a good moisturiser is that the skin may often over compensate by producing more sebum than normal – this is what gives you the shine.

With greasy skin, problems can occur. It isn’t just the annoying fact that makeup cannot and will not stay on.

Greasy skin can quickly become a fertile breeding ground for bacteria – which can trigger acne and a whole host of other skin complaints.

Oily skin should be controlled to reduce the risk of flare ups and blemishes. If you’re suffering from this particular skin type, start looking for products that gently tackle the problem. And, don’t forget to moisturise. Ella Bache Pur’Aromatics Creme Intex No. 2 Peaux Grasses – Intex Cream No. 2 for Oily Skin. This is the ultimate cream targeting all oily skin unsightly concerns.

Ella Baché recommends it for shiny oily skin. From the beginning, this cream has been fully tried and tested. Its efficiency comes from a composition combining replenishing fishes oil, purifying and soothing thyme essential oil and purifying and absorbing talcum powder and zinc oxide. Instant results: Soothes inflammations.

Promotes a matte smooth appearance while refining pores and progressively eliminating imperfections.

Former name: Ella Bache Purifying Cream Intex No2

Apply a thin layer on the face and neck, preferably at night. Discover the Intensive Purifying Facial.

Active ingredients:

Zinc Oxide: Has antibacterial properties that decrease redness, heal, prevent dryness and absorbs impurities.

Cod Liver Oil: Soothes, repairs and prevents skin dryness.

Thyme Oil: Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that cool and soothe skin.

Talc: Absorbs excess oil.


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