How NOT to take off make up off

girls-beauty-makeup-dark-160590 How NOT to take off make up off

If you’re a bit slapdash with your makeup removal at the end of a long day, it’s only a matter of time before it shows.

Blocked pores, blotchy skin and eye infections are all symptoms of poor makeup removal. So what’s the deal – if you’re standing in front of a mirror at night doing what you think is makeup removal, then where are you going wrong?

Thanks to Cosmo, here are a few potential pratfalls

  1. You’re not removing your makeup at all. By now you know that skipping this step can wreak havoc on your skin since overnight, the makeup will mix with sweat and bacteria on your face and brew blemishes. Not to mention that makeup can dry out your skin, leaving it dehydrated. To avoid unnecessary breakouts and dehydrated skin, always remove your makeup before bed.
  1. You’re not washing your face after you use a makeup wipe. I get it, washing your face is a hassle as it is, and sometimes you only have the strength to sweep a wipe over your face and fall into bed. But using a makeup wipe solo isn’t going to cut it all of the time. Instead, make sure that after you remove your makeup with a wipe (if that’s your jam), you wash your face with an actual cleanser to clear away any dirt or grime left behind.
  1. You use the same wipe to remove all your makeup. Using one wipe for your whole face won’t give you a thorough cleanse for two reasons: (1) You risk transferring your eye makeup on your face or vice versa, pressing it into your pores and possibly clogging them, and (2) there could be leftover makeup residue left behind on your face. That’s why it’s a good idea to use two wipes — one to remove your makeup and another to pick up leftover residue — before actually washing your face, celebrity makeup artist Jill Powell says.
  1. You’re not fully removing your eye makeup. Not thoroughly taking off your eye makeup can lead to an eye infection, which nobody wants. So take the extra time to remove your eyeliner or mascara — even if you have to blow through six wipes to successfully do it. For a speedier removal, use eye makeup remover pads, like these from Almay. Hold the pad against your eye for a few seconds, allowing the formula to saturate the liner and mascara before you gently wipe your makeup away.
  1. You’re not using the right remover for the makeup you’re wearing. If you’re heading out of the house with a lightweight BB cream or concealer only where you need it, a micellar cleanser or cleansing water will do the trick when you’re removing your makeup. (Try Caudalíe Cleansing Water.) But if you have a full face on (foundation, contouring, mascara, a bold lip — the whole works), then you need to use a formula (an oil cleanser like this Boots one) that is a bit heavier hitting when it comes time to wash your face.

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Expert advice:

  • Massage onto dame skin.
  • Rinse off.

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