How Thalgo can beat middle age spread

We could all do with help round our middle, and as we get older, the more difficult it is to lose weight and tone our stomach and hips.

According to Boots, metabolism starts to decline at a steady rate from the mid-40s onwards. As men’s testosterone levels start to fall with age, this rate of decline accelerates in their 50s. In women the hormone changes of the menopause don’t necessarily cause weight gain, but may affect where excess fat is laid down. Many women have a tendency to put on weight around the middle rather than around the hips and thighs when they are in the menopause years.

Part of the reason that middle-aged people are more susceptible to weight gain is that there is a reduction in muscle mass in this period, which reduces the capacity to burn fat. In addition to this, middle age can be a stressful time and some people use comfort eating or alcohol as a method of symptom relief.

„As we age we lose muscle mass, our metabolism slows, our hormone levels fluctuate and the dreaded middle age spread becomes harder to fight,“ says Tiffany Cutts, fitness development manager at leisure centre chain Everyone Active.

For women with unwanted curves around the stomach area, Thalgo has developed Thalgo Defi Fermete Stomach & Waist Sculptor.

This product helps to firm the deeper layers of skin on the stomach and waist. The Sculpt Active technology, enhanced with Zingiber extract, works to significantly reduce the volume of the abdominal area (potential loss of up to 4cm on the stomach), while helping prevent reoccurrence, for a tightened and refined-looking waist.

Apply the product to the stomach, waist and hips. Perform circular massage movements with phalanges (finger tips), in a clockwise motion, followed by deep downward gliding movements from the waist to the navel. Make kneading movements, then deep gliding movements once again until the product is completely absorbed.

Active ingredients:

  • Zingiber Extract
  • Sculpt Active Technology

Proven effectiveness:

Reduction of up to 4 cm in waist circumference

  • Smoother and firmer skin: 95%
  • More harmonious figure: 90%
  • More toned skin: 90%
  • Redefined ab and waist area: 76%

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