How to get rid of excess water in your body

Thalgo-Organic-InfusOceanes-Draining-Les-InfusOceanes-Bio-Drainage-20-sachets-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 How to get rid of excess water in your body

If you are experiencing puffy feet and large ankles, you may be suffering from oedema, or water retention.

According to Healthline, reducing water retention is something that hasn’t been studied much.

However, there are a few other potentially effective ways to reduce water retention.

Keep in mind that some of these are only supported by anecdotal evidence, not studies.

  • Move around: Simply walking and moving around a bit can be effective at reducing fluid build-up in some areas, such as the lower limbs. Elevating your feet can also help.
  • Drink more water: Some believe that increasing water intake can paradoxically reduce water retention.
  • Horsetail: One study found that the horsetail herb has diuretic effects.
  • Parsley: This herb has a reputation as a diuretic in folk medicine.
  • Hibiscus: Roselle, a species of hibiscus, has been used in folk medicine as a diuretic. A recent study also supports this.
  • Garlic: Well known for its effect on the common cold, garlic has historically been used as a diuretic.
  • Fennel: This plant may also have diuretic effects.
  • Corn silk: This herb is traditionally used for the treatment of water retention in some parts of the world.
  • Nettle: This is another folk remedy used to reduce water retention.
  • Cranberry juice: It has been claimed that cranberry juice can have diuretic effects.

If you’re looking to get rid of excess water, otherwise known as oedema, then we recommend you try Thalgo Organic Infus’Oceanes Draining – Les Infus’Oceanes Bio Drainage 20 sachets.

Organic Infus’Océanes Draining tea combines meadowsweet, blackcurrant and hibiscus, known for helping the body drain and flush out excess water.

The expert’s advise from Thalgo recommends consuming 2 sachets-worth per day. Infuse 4–-5 minutes in a 250ml cup of simmering water.

These beneficial tea bags contain active ingredients which include organic plants (Meadowsweet, Blackcurrant leaf, Hibiscus, Liquorice) and Fucus vesiculosus brown algae.

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