Why do we love to tan?

Thalgo-Bronzing-Activator-Lotion-Lait-Activateur-de-Bronzage-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 Why do we love to tan?

Do you prefer your skin to be tanned? Most fair skinned people spend a lot of money on self tanner, and more on flying to a sunsoaked beach every year to soak up the rays. We’re a nation of people who consider the tan the in thing to do. And it’s not just fashion, according to most women who long for browner skin, a tan makes them feel slimmer, healthier and more confident.

According to the Debrief, in the West, we are obsessed with tanning. In fact, a quarter of sun care products launched last year in the UK were self-tanners, and we as a nation spend about £66 million pounds on the golden stuff every year. When the sun peeks out, so begins the annual touting of ‘next-generation’ tanners that don’t smell, or work in milliseconds – along with a veritable media circus around making sure you’re exactly the right shade of bronze.

But while we can all slap on some fake tan, when it comes to the real thing, there are products on the market that will help us hold on to our natural tan for as long as possible.

Thalgo Bronzing Activator Lotion – Lait Activateur de Bronzage is for anyone looking for a product capable of intensifying and prolonging their tan with less exposure to the sun.

This tan-accelerating formula helps stimulate melanin production with an Inositol derivative capable of intensifying and prolonging a natural tan.

Before the Sun: To reduce exposure and accelerate tanning.

After the Sun: To intensify and prolong the tan.

Before the Sun: Apply once or twice a day during the 15 days preceding sun exposure, then during the holiday period.

After the Sun: Apply after showering to the entire body following every sunbathing session.

Active ingredients:

  • Inositol
  • Macro-Algae from the Philippines (Kappaphycus alvarezii)
  • Red Algae Extract (Chondrus crispus)
  • Aloe Vera

The tan is intensified, prolonged and subtly enhanced with iridescent pearly particles.



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