What is the safest calcium supplement to take?

safest-calcium-from-abloomnova.net_-2-1600x1067 What is the safest calcium supplement to take?

If you’re looking for the safest calcium supplement to take, read on. All kinds of calcium supplements – from calcium carbonate to calcium citrate, and even coral calcium – are pretty safe to take. There are just a few provisos to how you take them.

  • How you take them
  • The amount you take
  • The type you take
  1. How you take them

How you take your calcium supplements is very important. Your health relies on a constant small stream of calcium in the blood stream. The body can only handle a small amount of calcium at any one time. This means taking your calcium supplements regularly – around three times a day. Some calcium should only be taken with food, some calcium can be taken with or without food. Above all, calcium should be taken with vitamin D which will ensure that the body absorbs it correctly.

  1. The amount you take

Take too little calcium and your body will slowly stop functioning (over a good few months). Take too much calcium and it sends you depressed, confused and tired – and ultimately could kill you. Taking the right amount of calcium is crucial to the overall workings of your body. Make sure you take small amounts (around 500 – 600gms) around three times a day. That is within the recommended amount and should do wonders for bone strength, hormne secretion, muscle contraction and many other vital roles.

  1. The type you take

Have you tried a calcium supplement that didn’t seem to agree with you? A lot of individuals suffer from excess gas and burping, which, while not serious, isn’t exactly sociable. The type of calcium which works best for you can only be found by trial and error. If you want to swap brands, try something else, but this time, work up the dosage. So, with your new calcium supplements, start taking 500gms a day, then work up to the full recommended amount for your age, gender and condition.





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