When to take calcium tablets when exercising

calcium-fitness-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 When to take calcium tablets when exercising

You cannot rely on just fitness training to strengthen muscles and bones. A lot of the hard work is done by what goes in to our bodies.

Sports scientists have discovered that athletes lose a significant amount of calcium, just through the process of sweating.

This happens during high intensity training, when strenuous exercise is done in a short amount of time. Researchers have discovered that calcium is released from the bones to replenish the minerals that you lose as you sweat.

This release of calcium makes the bones weaker as the body fights to absorb lost minerals.

This phenomenon occurs to all types of sportspeople, whether they’re hill climbing or playing squash. However, it significantly affects people who seem to perspire more during exercise sessions.

Howver, all is not lost. Research which was presented at the Endocrine Society in 2013 shows that athletes can offset this calcium loss with the help of calcium supplements. The important thing is to take these tablets at the right time.

According to the research, the study looked at male athletes between the ages of 18 and 45. These participants took calcium and vitamin D thirty minutes before, and one hour after an extensive run.

It was no surprise that they all experienced a decrease in blood calcium levels. However, the men who took the calcium thirty minutes before the run experienced less of a drop.

For anyone who exercises a significant amount, it is now recommended that you consume your day’s-worth of calcium before you exercise if that is possible. To improve the rates in which that calcium is absorbed in to the body, it is best taken with vitamin D.

Athletes are also recommended to build up a diet high in natural sources of calcium too – kale, spinach and dairy products are all good. The trick is to not consume excess calcium. A little is not good, but too much calcium is also bad. So whether you’re taking supplements or not – have a rough idea about how much you are consuming every day.


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