[SERIES] Secret weapon! Second makeup model with Ella Bache

ella-bache [SERIES] Secret weapon! Second makeup model with Ella Bache

“My second makeup model is Kitty, and I was so flattered to get compliment from my tutor for beautifying Kitty’s skin at ‘perfect’ state, guess how?”

“The answer may not surprise you, but putting on a moisturizing mask is an important step, way before sitting down for the whole makeup process! I mentioned before how moisturizer is used to prep our skin for makeup products, but the thing is, the ‘perfect state’ I got for Kitty’s is not from on site work, I gave her the Ella Bache absorbing mask and asked her to put it on the night before, and the result is magnificent! I know the mask targets shininess and pimples, as stepping into Autumn, our skin can get a bit weary and not sure how to tackle it in this weather, so the mask is like a boost on Kitty’s skin (she had some breakouts and redness, which faded after using the mask), the most enjoyable part of it is that Kitty applied a thick layer of it and it only takes around 10 minutes to dry and wash, super luxurious and easy for an office lady like her.”

“ And no wonder everyone, including myself, is so into the mask. Not only is it the most pampering part of any skin care routine, but the lasting result significantly improves skin condition! All the makeup I put on Kitty has no extra puffiness nor lines created, which gives a flawless look!”

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