Does a collagen night cream really help ageing skin?

Collagen is a material that is made by the body and lies just under the skin. But collagen isn’t just found deep in the dermis all throughout the skin, but is a lot more concentrated in connective tissues like tendons and ligaments. (It is what leaches out in your bone broth after three days on the boil.)

The body produces collagen on widespread basis throughout childhood and teenage years. In fact, it’s still on a reasonably scale throughout our twenties and thirties. But when most of us get to our forties, the level at which we produce drops dramatically, and this is when we first see those signs of ageing – the saggy skin, the lines, the dryness. And also the decrease in flexibility and the achiness we feel as we age – that the collagen leaving the tendons and ligaments.

This is because of the decrease in elastin and collagen – materials that provide the “squishiness” and softness to the skin. There is nothing really to explain the drop in these two youth-makers – it’s just Mother Nature’s way.

So is a collagen night cream going to make a difference to how we look? According to skin expert Kat Burki, in an interview with, yes, because collagen has a huge role to play in skincare.

“Collagen used topically is primarily for cosmetic benefits such as improving the texture of the skin and temporarily filling in fine lines and wrinkles,”

On top of this, most products like collagen night cream contain peptides, and these clever little things work by stimulating the replacement of collagen and elastin. If there is collagen to smooth the skin, and peptides to kick start collagen production inside the skin, we have ourselves a multi-tasking cream.

The night creams with collagen that we’ve found to be the best include:

Thalgo Soin Lisseur Collagene Collagen Cream – Creme Collagene

Dr. Spiller Biomimetic Skin Care Collagen Aqua Plus

Babor Ampoule Concentrates FP Anti-Age Collagen Booster Fluid



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