Ella Bache Eternal Night Cream

Have you been crawling out from workplaces to get the warmth of the sun? We highly recommended you to get prepared with your dresses and shorts, because our Abloomnova team went out to the coast the last weekend and spent great time together! Getting sunshine and comfortably warm in the UK is such a blessing, let us introduce our 3rd Spring/Summer skin care routine MUST HAVE to you all – Night cream!

Ella-Bache-Eternal-Night-Cream Ella Bache Eternal Night Cream

Yes – after cleansing and exfoliating, it’s time to get some repair and moisturising work done, Ella Bache Eternal Repair Night Cream is an overnight repair night cream. After a day out in the sun, you might get redness uneven tan lines (e.g. your sunglasses), especially if any of you went for a swim and that washes away your sunscreen. It really hurts and damages your skin, so you need to take extra care at night in order to enjoy the best of a day out. A quality night cream with ingredients that can really do what it says, to penetrate deep into your skin for the whole night, and you don’t need loads of this night cream to put on your face because of its richness and active ingredient like Collaxyl, this repair night cream needs only a light layer on your skin to do  its ‘job’. My skins looks even firmer after the sunny day on our Abloomnova gathering, it hydrates my skin back to a balanced oil level, and with its Hyaluronic Acid microspheres it can fix up loosen skin as well!

While there are loads of night creams claiming they function for 8, 16, 24 hours; but these actually only moisturise your skin for a while, then the remaining time the gel stays on your skin not only having no function from then, but can even block up pores and create blockages and suffocate your skin. That’s why many people would get acne or yellow skin after a night of “treatment”! Quickly dump any skin care products that do not give you comfiness or improvement, you are the only soul who lives under your skin and it will responded and tell you the best which elements you need!

We would also like to introduce another ‘R’ – Restructuring Booster  & Restructuring Eye Gel , because I received some feedback from friends and the booster can actually replace the night cream for anyone who really can’t stand rich creams or suffers from oily skin. This lotion has olive oil and myrtle, add-on technology that plumps this goodness into your skin, damaged skin like sun burn can get the support from the booster to rejuvenate your skin; while signs of aging will be minimize, no swollen or puffy eyes. And especially the wind in the UK got my hands scratching my eyes from time to time, the eye gel is definitely spoiling my bad habits, but who doesn’t have one or two flaws, share with us of yours! And make sure you get your solution for it!

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