Thalgo SPF30 Age Defence Sun Cream

Summer always heats up the season by surprise, especially you can tell how essential it is when British weather is about layering every day and night, sometimes when you think it’s cool enough to wear a hoodie for the day, you always end up having your sleeves rolled up for the rest of the day; and today we are here to update you: your skin doesn’t need bunches of sun cream but the Thalgo SPF30 Age Defence Sun Cream!

As you can tell from the eye catching “UVA” “UVB” stated on the packing, it does bear a great responsibility to fight against the sun, especially if sun can easily worsen any aging problem such as sun spots, wrinkles and dryness.  Along with some active marine ingredients, it helps against “UVA” to prevent your skin from darkness, spots and skin disease like Actinic Dermatitis (skin burning). And “UVB” to prevent your skin from redness, burn or even skin cancer!  Don’t underestimate the power of light, even when you are at indoor, you should always wear a sun cream with a  SPF 15-30, that’s why there is always SPF in most high quallity day creams.

So in case you don’t have any nice suncream with you, this Thalgo one would suits you well in your everyday routine, some ladies feedback to us that their skin even gets more evenly tanned and glowy after using it for a month! Do you know you always make our day by letting us ‘hear’ your happiness after using our products? Keep on sharing the love around xx

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