The best anti aging wrinkle cream of 2017?

VT16002 The best anti aging wrinkle cream of 2017?

In our time running Abloomnova, we’ve been through our fair share of anti aging wrinkle creams, some good, some not so good.

We recognise that to beat, or at least decrease wrinkles, involves a little bit of work on our behalf. Drinking plenty of water, protect yourself from the sun, wear a wide brimmed sun hat, eat well, exercise often. But in terms of slapping something on your skin to help you look a little bit younger for a little bit longer, what’s the best potion.

Well there are a few, and we have some of the best anti aging wrinkle cream on our website, but there is one which we have to bring to everyone’s attention. We use it, and we recommend it to other maturing women over the age of forty (sorry ladies, but that’s when our skin really decreases its production of youthful elements like collagen). The product?

Thalgo Hyaluronique Hyaluronic Filler Traceur Hyaluronique.

IMG_2799-800x720 The best anti aging wrinkle cream of 2017?
Thalgo Hyaluronic Filler – Traceur Hyaluronique 15ml

This 15ml product may be small, but it is perfectly formed and is allowing countless women all around the world halt the dreaded signs of ageing. This product has been chiefly designed for women who want to fill in their deep wrinkles using a targeted, wrinkle-by-wrinkle treatment.

With its high concentration of Marine Hyaluronic Acid for high-precision filling action, it is applied at the very heart of even the most pronounced wrinkles for an amazing instant smoothing effect. The Hyaluronic Acid Microspheres and Marine Hyaluronic Complex inside the product act as powerful elements in protecting and smoothing the skin.

We’re been told that the best way of applying this wonder product is by applying in the morning under the Hyaluronic Cream from the same range for an instant smoothing effect, or use in the evening for optimum skin regeneration. But don’t worry, it may be 15ml, but a little goes a long way.

As it says on the contents, “this high-precision filling serum acts at the heart of wrinkles to effectively fill them in and diminish the look of visible signs of passing time. Wrinkles appear as if “pushed out from within”.”

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