How to stop chapped lips in winter

Babor-Skinovage-PX-Intensifier-Lip-Repair-Balm-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 How to stop chapped lips in winter

Winter comes, and the lipbalm comes out. If, like us, you get instant chap as soon as the autumn leaves come out, you may well be wondering why your lips react to colder weather.

Your lips get chapped because they get dried out. In the winter the air is colder. Cold air isn’t able to hold moisture as well as warm air, so it’s naturally dry out.

Your lips don’t have oil glands like the rest of your skin, so they’re prone to getting drier, additionally, drier air, especially moving drier air is more able to suck the moisture right off of your lips (and skin). Similar to how a fan can keep things cooler by encouraging evaporation through moving the air.

This is actually how sweat works…in the winter it can really dry you out and make you colder, though.

If you lick your lips it can make it worse because the cold, dry air will suck that added moisture off.  Lip balm will seal moisture against your lips and protect it from the elements.

So what can you do to keep your lips in good condition this winter? One of our go to products is a brilliant lip balm from Babor.

Babor Skinovage PX Intensifier Lip Repair Balm is a lip balm to effectively nourish and moisturise the lips.

Precious Argan oil effectively regenerates the lipid layer of the skin. Shea butter supplies and binds moisture. Pure natural oils from avocado, soja, sesame and olive nourish the lips and they become soft and supple.

Apply to lips for moisture and a smooth and soft appearance – particularly in cold, wintry climes. This is particularly good for skiiers, snowboarders and anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors.

Active ingredients:

Argan oil – regenerates the lipid barrier.

Shea butter – supplies and binds moisture.

Avocado, sojia, sesame and olive oil.

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