History of Gatineau Paris begins in 1885 with the birth of Madame Jeanne Gatineau – extraordinary women with passion to beauty. Her first salon has been opened in Paris in 1937 and also her first line of skincare products has been launched the same time. She was working with doctors and dermatologists to improve Gatineau products over the time and popularity of Gatineau brand was growing over the years. Popularity of brand and products was opportunity for her to do even more and first Gatineau beauty school was opened in Paris in 1950 where she shared her expertise, knowledge and passion with hundreds of students.

Gatineau1-300x87 Gatineau

Gatineau was first skincare house to developed exfoliants and slimming creams, also first to discover and use of antioxidants in skincare such a green tea and Vitamins A, E and F. With such a discoveries they was far ahead of their time!

Today Gatineau is award winning and world renowned skincare brand.

You can read more about the awards following this link.


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