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201211 Dr Spiller Products

Dr Spiller is a German brand which has developed a cult following and experiences queues wherever they’re sold. The brand has long advocated a gentle approach (there is not a fruit acid among the 120 products). The anti-ageing skincare emulsions work with the skin you have rather than against it. According to Sue Dann, a beauty trainer for Dr Spiller products,  »The system’s based on skin-friendly oils and mimics the skin’s naturally occurring protection. It differs from traditional oil-based creams – it is light, deeply hydrating and leaves the skin with a healthy glow. »

Over 50 years Dr. Spiller has created an extensive line of effective beauty care products formulations – a complete set of products for a professional skin care. The company focus on nature to discover what components are the most effective for skin care and they use this as the base for development and production.

Dr Spillers laboratories are located in the Bavarian Alps. It is here that they examine the skin and the power of natural ingredients.

The Dr Spiller product range offers everything the full gamut of skin care – from essential products such as cleansers and creams to products for the sensitive eye area and care products to treat specific skin problems – and is designed to be used by clinicians as well as ordinary people at home.

Dr Spiller confess that their cosmetics do not do miracles but the real wealth of natural ingredients, which effectiveness is analysed in detail and confirmed in studies in their Bavarian laboratories and independent institutes, can help your skin look beautiful.

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