We made a Video!

Thank you for reading this as I’ve left this blog too long!  But hey there you are!  And we are dashing back here to give you a surprise –TADAA! WE MADE A SKIN CARE VIDEO!  Yay!  I know you will be interested to know how to get the best out of our products, so we are here to show you!

Since we decided to have Abloomnova established, we have been researching brands we can retail with pride. And here we are, having deep trust in our products and excellent feedback from you.

Wwe are now making it easier for you by putting this information in our videos to show off the skin care products that make your skin shine! Fingers crossed we will be keeping up the good work and updating you towards all skin care, routines and beauty secrets!

I’m desperately eager to know which brand is your favorite within our range of brands found in our online store?  Or would you suggest any combination within them (Everyone has their specialties, right?)?

Sorry for being too long-winded!  Hope you enjoy the video and let us know what you think!  We will be writing posts on the products shown in the video so watch this space xx




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