Why we LOVE Thalgo Creme Collagene

IMG_2040 Why we LOVE Thalgo Creme Collagene

What is it about Thalgo Crème Collagene that makes it one of the best moisturisers for mature skin?

When you first start developing wrinkles, your skin needs a light fine daily cream to smooth things out. Most products are completely useless (believe us, we’ve tried them). This cream has a collagen concentrate which not only acts as an amazing moisturiser, but also smooths skin out to create a flawless looking visage!

What is collagen?

Collagen is one of the most commonly found proteins in our bodies and it’s found in our muscles, our blood vessels, the digestive system and tendons. We have a huge amount of it as children and young adults – it is what makes our skin strong and give it elasticity.

As we get older our body’s production of collagen slowly starts to decrease. This is a completely normal and natural process, but it is contributes to all those signs of ageing that we see creep up on us. The fine lines, wrinkles, the sagging skin, joint pains etc.

That’s why using a good quality product like Thalgo Crème Collagene is so important. With the collagen that it contains, it helps our skin take on the youthfulness that we all desire as get older. It radiates, boosts and enhances.

And it’s really easy to use – just apply every morning and evening to thoroughly cleaned skin, either on its own or after the collagen concentrate.

With its active ingredients of native marine collagen and fragmented collagen and soy extract, the cream boosts skin cell regeneration, smooths fine lines and helps boost collagen synthesis.

There are no nasties in this product – it contains zero parabens, is mineral oil free, is free of propylene glycol and has no genetically modified ingredients.

It also has legions of fans who refuse to use anything else. Some say they keep on coming back to it, and others state that when they’ve found the ultimate cream, why use anything else?



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