How moisturisers are the desert island luxury of skincare

La-Biosthetique-Visarome-Ridule-Essential-Oil-Concentrate-for-Relaxing-Skin-Care-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 How moisturisers are the desert island luxury of skincare

While moisturisers differ in what ingredients they use, most moisturizers have two common components: emollients make your skin smoother and humectants hold in moisture. The best part is that they both help soften your skin. Moisturisers can contain a host of other ingredients, such as fragrances, vitamins, botanical extracts, age-fighting compounds and sunscreens. And most also include preservatives to keep them fresh.

Choosing the right moisturiser for your face depends on what type of skin you have, which often can dictate its needs. Some general guidelines are:

  • If you have severely dry skin and the humidity is low, you might want to try a moisturizing ointment, because ointments contain the most oil.
  • If you have oily skin, try using a lotion, because these tend to be less greasy than other types of moisturizers.
  • For sensitive skin, try to avoid moisturizers with lots of fragrances and dyes, as these can irritate your skin.

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How to use:

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