Gatineau or MATIS? A Comparison Between Purifying Creams

gatineau-or-matis Gatineau or MATIS? A Comparison Between Purifying Creams

It’s hard to recall when was the last time we’ve brought Gatineau to Abloomnova’s brand list, but recently we found a goody to share with you after our summer series on Matis Shine Control Purifying Care.

This emulsion is gaining its popularity again, for its matte finish, and great performance for oily skin to reduce pores and lessen red spots that is growing acnes. BUT WAIT? What about the Gatineau Clear & Perfect Purifying Powder Emulsion that has similar characteristics- suitable for oily/combination skin, gives purification to skin and hydrates like a pro!

And here’s the difference: Your skin is hydrated, we have to say they are very proud with their Gatineau registered sebum regulator and pore refiner compounds, to slowly calm down the excess production of oil so pores will be reduced, your pores will stop open up and complain about dehydrated signal it received.

The MATIS one is more gentle in terms its active ingredients, which is comparatively more suitable to use at night and for those who are very cautious for their sensitive skin. Gatineau has better performance to act as a primer, since there’s extra mineral powder to neutralizes shine on our skin, which is great news for those who have more than average oily skin.

Also, the Gatineau cream has Boldo extract that activates our skin’s defence system against germs we face when we are around the city in daylight, skin will greatly benefits from a strengthened and stronger “body”, a matte, healthy looking complexion will stays with you through the day!

How will you choose between these two products? Gatineau or MATIS? Let us know if you are still confused with any of our products, we are ready to identify the best skin care product to brings the best of you!

Love xx

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