Why we LOVE Darphin skin care

IMG_3792 Why we LOVE Darphin skin care


Darphin skin care is a constant presence on our dressing table. We fell in love with this brand years ago, and every product always delivers. From the toners and the masks, to the serums and the cleansing milks, each product is formulated to the highest standards using ingredients of the best quality.

WE LOVE: Darphin Intral Cleansing Milk – Lait a Demaquiller 500ml £39.91

This skin and bodycare brand based in Paris uses a particular selection of extracts and essences from aromatic plants all over the world to balance and detoxify skin. These products are also well known for restoring radiance in aged or tired skin.

It was in 1958, when Parisian kinesiotherapist Pierre Darphin founded his luxury skincare brand in 1958, and revolutionised the beauty industry.

He made his name in providing nice beauty care, particularly in niches including his exclusive skin-sculpting techniques, sensory experiences and customised skin analysis, and Pierre set new standards for cosmetic facials.

WE LOVE: Darphin Wrinkle Corrective Eye Contour Cream  £71.24

To Darphin, the face was just as important as the rest of the body – and so in his work, he focused on the whole body. He believed that by beautifying the exterior, everyone would start to feel better on the interior.

With this philosophy, Darphin started to create formulas which are based on a harmonious blend of plants and pure essential oils. Maintaining his traditional approach to crafting products, Darphin continues to embody professional botanical Parisian skincare.

The Darphin brand has been a firm favourite among lovers of natural skincare for generations. The facial moisturisers are an excellent starting point. Those who have sensitive skin types will love the Intral range. Its calming, alcohol-free blend of botanical extracts and vitamins will soothe and diminish redness in even the most reactive of skins

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